Convergen is an animation studio that specialises in visualisation for major infrastructure projects.

Stakeholder Engagement

Working across Australia, Convergen supports stakeholder engagements strategies from community consultation through to investor relations.

Design Visualisation

Convergen works with architects and designers to produce animations and interactive tools that communicate design features and the vision behind projects.

Construction Narratives

Working across transport, buildings, and utilities, Convergen specialises in construction staging animations as well as visualisations to communicate traffic management, services and other detailed narratives.

Tender Support

Partnered with constructors and teams across Australia, Convergen works with teams to create visualisation tools to support construction tenders and design competitions.

Visual Impact

Working with key partners, Convergen produces detailed photo-composites for wind-farms and mine-sites to assist with visual impact assessments and viewpoint analysis.

Working across Australia and internationally, Convergen produces digital media to communicate, engage & inspire.

Over 200 projects successfully delivered in industries from civil infrastructure and construction through to mining and gas